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Who is Perler Financial?

Perler Financial Group clientele consists of business owners and professionals of both small and large operations, in addition to retired and salary based individuals of all income levels.

With the professional resources and associates available within our firm, Perler Financial provides financial planning services such as Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Wealth Accumulation and Income Protection.

Perler Financial maintains working relationships with various types of financial institutions for products in Investments, Life insurance and Banking, thus enabling to provide you with the products which suit your needs. We take on the responsibility of providing you with a choice of products that will help you reach your own personal financial objectives in the most cost effective way.

Perler Financial's Commitment

We will always keep our clients’ best interests at heart by providing quality, unbiased and trustworthy advice to assist in achieving personal financial objectives. We will continue to strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of service and advice, to contribute to our clients’ well being, and to help our clients grow and protect wealth for themselves and future generations.

Why Perler Financial?

Unmatched Skill Set

grid 1aaaOur skills, knowledge, and experience in the financial industry are unparalleled, resulting in several of our advisors being amongst the top within Worldsource Financial Management. Our advisors are extremely knowledgeable, some with more than twenty years experience, and are constantly kept abreast to the ever changing nature of the industry. Our knowledge in financial planning and overall experience in the industry   makes our clients’ financial journey smooth and objectives attainable. To learn more about each individual advisor please see our “About Us” link.

Close Client Relations

grid 2Our objective is to get to know “you” as a person, rather than just you as a “client”. A more personal relationship provides a complete understanding of our clients’ goals and aspirations. As we learn more about a client’s person life we can tailor their financial plan to be more individualized and thorough. Our financial plans require a personalized allocation of our clients’ portfolio based on their current circumstance, financial  means, and risk tolerance. We take time to conduct regular reviews with our clients in order to keep current with any of life’s major changes. Our ongoing reviews also allow the opportunity to make the necessary changes to our clients’ portfolio in order to maximize their ability to reach their financial goals. To learn more about personalized financial plans please see the “Our Services” link.

Extensive Resources

grid 3aaaOur personalized financial plans require consideration of multiple factors and attention to our client’s personal circumstance. Depending on our client’s financial position and personal goals the plan can be quite simple or it can be extremely complex. To ensure our clients receive the best advice, in an industry with constantly changing policies and procedures, it is vital that we keep current in our knowledge to provide the most appropriate information.  Our relationship with leading financial institutions provides us with extensive resources that offer us ongoing education and training. In unique circumstances requiring more complex planning, we have access to specialists in particular fields, to ensure our clients’ needs are fully tended to. To learn more about what your advisor can do for you, click on your advisor’s introduction on the “About Us” link.

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